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Great Success on DX

DX Areas worked on Bobber Hex at 24 feet
Logged Contacts at 100 Watts

LY600 Lithuania, DA0 Fed Rep of Germany, SP9 Poland, LX0 Luxembourg, AL7 Alaska, XF1 Mexico
VO1 New Found, SN0 Poland, 9ao Croatia, CO60 Cuba,VK Australia ZF2 England, OE1 Austria
XE2 Baja California, NP2 St Thomas, E7 Bosnia-Herzegovinia, SK9 Sweden, KH6 Hawaii, IJ0 Italy
IR1 Italy, 4B2 Mexico, JA Japan, WP4 Peurto Rico, Ve3 Canada ZF2 Cayman Island, KH7 Hawaii,
HK3 Colombia, VK7 Tasmania, ZV5 Parana, PJ2 Venezuela , XE1 Puerto Vallarta, CR3 Madeira Island
HA25 Hungary, 9A9 Croatia, RG4 Kuznetck Russia,, IZ5 Toscana. IZ5 Lamporecchio Pistoi,
GJ6 Jersey (Congresbury Bristo), ZV4 Brazil, XE2 Baja California. 4B2,Juan Jose Soria, XE2
BC Sur, CE4 Chile, TO11 Combs-La-Ville (France),YN2 Nicaragua, GI3 Northern Irland, P4, Aruba


Hex at about 18 feet
Final setup of Hex before delivery

Hex Mounted on a Chimney

HeliCoil threaded rotor mount for secure mounting

Reflector Element on Center Element Standoff

Base plates, rotor mount and rotor mast


Thank you for your visit to K5BOB

A few years ago I discovered the Hex . After only a few hours of use I fell in love with these beams. I was shocked to find out how well it performed for me.

The Hex beam "BOBBER" is produced based off the classic hex beam design.

After studying the hex beam, and the traditional designs, I felt that some improvements could be made. Primarily the amount of metal used,. Most hex beams use a aluminum or metal composite to produce the base spreader plate, riser tower mount, rotor base and element stand offs.. We choose to use UHMW (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene). The use of UHMW eliminates most of the metal in the air. The UHMW is cut on a CNC

The net benefits of UHMW are as follows :

Almost no metal visible by the reflector and driven element

No unwanted "twist" of spreaders.

No need to "Pin: the Spreaders.

No Protective anti crush covers on spreaders

No crush points or "U Bolts".

For More Info Look at FAQ

CAD Drawings

Are you ready to be Hex'ed

Just for fun you may enjoy seeing the the spreader plates being CNC Cut







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